Find Applecreek Specialty Foods on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Anyone looking to sample some of Kentucky's best liquors should look no further than the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The trail offers visitor's a chance to experience the rich history and proud tradition of American's only native spirit. Some of the signature distilleries in central Kentucky  include Buffalo Trace, Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and Woodford Reserve. 

Nearly 2.5 million people from all 50 states and 25 countries have come to travel the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in the last five years alone, and for good reason. As you make your way through the trail, you'll be treated to delicious samples to try. Make sure you look out for Applecreek Specialty Foods' products in gift shops, because these are Bourbon Trail favorites you won't want to miss. 

History of the trail 

Kentuckians have been making high-quality bourbon since the 1700's. Farmers shipped the charred oak barrels filled with whiskey and stamped from Bourbon County, down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans, giving the whiskey more time to age and gain it's unique amber color. Before long, the whiskey from Bourbon County grew in popularity and became known as Bourbon Whiskey. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, the bourbon industry generates 9,000 jobs and more than $125 million in taxes for Kentucky. Perhaps just as important is bourbon's ability to draw positive attention to Kentucky craftsmanship. 

The commercial version of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail began in 1999 when the Kentucky Distillers' Association decided that it should provide its visitors with a clear look at the efforts and complexities involved with crafting Bourbon. There are numerous distilleries that are not included on the commercial Kentucky Bourbon Trail, many new, some old. One of those distilleries includes our friends at Buffalo Trace that run the oldest continuously operating distillery in America - they even remained open during prohibition to produce whiskey for "medicinal purposes".  The public has relished this opportunity to learn about the science behind bourbon and study its history, and now the trail is a favorite destination for Kentucky residents and visitors. People flock to Kentucky to visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, drink the state's rich and delicious bourbon and enjoy everything the state has to offer.

Bourbon Trail Checklist 

Applecreek Specialty Foods is proud to have its products featured on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We have a variety of delicious sauces for you to enjoy. But if you've planned a trip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, there are certain products you just can't leave without trying. So before you head out, add these Applecreek products to your Bourbon Trail checklist: 

  • Kentucky Bourbon Marinade: This is our best selling product for good reason. This flavorful marinade adds amazing richness to meat and seafood. It's perfect for grilling, roasting and slow cooking.
  • Bourbon BBQ Sauce: One of Applecreek's many bourbon infused products, this sauce has a complex balance of spices that are just hot enough with the perfect level of sweetness. 
  • Bourbon Chocolate SauceOur decadent chocolate sauce spiced up with a little quality aged Bourbon whiskey for a Kentucky-style dessert treat. This sauce is sure to help you create a dessert you'll never forget. 
  • Bourbon Salsa: It's our famous original salsa with a jolt of Kentucky Bourbon. You will love the oak flavor and bourbon punch. 

Take Applecreek products Home With You 

If you enjoyed the products you tried on the trail, you can take some home for you to enjoy every day. Liquor Barn carries our entire product line and are huge supporters of Kentucky Proud food companies. You can also find out products in Buffalo Trace, Critchfield Meats, as well as in many Kroger locations in Central and Northern Kentucky. We also sell all of our products online.