Applecreek does not have our own storefront, but we sell our products in several stores. 

Liquor Barn - They carry our entire product line and are huge supporters of Kentucky Proud food companies.

Buffalo Trace - You'll find our Bourbon products in the gift shop under the Buffalo Trace label.

Critchfield Meats - A local Kentucky butcher shop and grocery store that sells a wide variety of our products and several other Kentucky Proud brands.

Joseph Beth Booksellers - The store in Lexington Green carries all of our bourbon products and some of our most popular items. 

Krogers in Central Kentucky - Larger Kroger stores in Central Kentucky will be carrying our Kentucky Bourbon Marinade, Apple Butter, Bourbon Caramel, and Bourbon Chocolate Sauces. Stores in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH area carry the Kentucky Bourbon Marinade, Bourbon Chocolate Sauce, and Apple Butter.




  • Cincinnati area